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    u1088451's GameLog for Firewatch (PC)

    Sunday 11 February, 2018

    The second session of Firewatch brought more twists and turns. Finding the walkie talkie and getting hit in the head was pretty tense, and definitely left me feeling a bit uneasy walking around the woods alone. Delilah's insensitivity about the ordeal was a little frustrating, and I expect she's either in on it or just a very selfish person. Her reactions to the dangerous stakes definitely changed my opinion of her as a character, and while I thought she was a little flippant and goofy before, I have significantly trust for her now.

    Both characters have been behaving a bit angsty in my opinion, and knowing that either of them are likely to snap at eachother at the drop of a hat forces me to be extra cautious with my responses. I was already disillusioned with her before she hit on me while watching the fire, but I still tried to turn her down as gently as possible, seemingly with success.

    I wonder if a development aim was to make the player attach to a character only to ultimately reject them. It's an interesting idea, and in a funny way my experience with the game feels like coming to terms with a terrible co-worker. I also wonder if my meek responses are affecting my progression in some way. If you're terrible to her, will the game attempt to make you feel remorseful? So far, I'm the one getting the rawest deal and I'm not to concerned about it.


    Good job! The dialog in Firewatch is very realistic and I think the developers wanted the player to get close to the characters too. That being said, I think the developers want to say something about the characters and you may be able to apply an ethical framework to the game if you find out what the characters are suppose to represent.

    Thursday 22 February, 2018 by zhardy
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