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    Emma Morrissey's GameLog for 1979 Revolution (iPd)

    Tuesday 13 February, 2018

    Today, things got very interesting.

    The main character has been welcomed (see: coerced) into the resistance because of his photography skills. Abbas, one of the important leaders of the group was stabbed during a photo-shoot minigame and he insists that my films have captured who betrayed him. I am inept enough at this game that I messed up the film development and could not pin down a subject. Yet, Abbas still asked me to accuse a man. I chose Jafar because he had done nothing but attack and insult my character.

    Most importantly, there was not a "I do not know" option here. I had to pick a suspect, and they would obviously be hurt or killed. I later learned that my pick, Jafar, was innocent--found beaten to death in a shallow grave barely covering his bloodied face. This felt very real, and yet I saw it coming at the same time. This was a quick, uneducated decision I had to make, and I faced consequences. Today during class (2/13), we brought up the value of a human life. In this case, each life of the accused had the ability to be ended by the tap of my finger.

    The interrogator at Evin prison (where my character is while he is not flashing back to previous events) mentions this. He says that he and my character are both the same. That we are both killers. I answered negatively, saying that I had not killed anyone. Then he showed me the picture of Jafar's body. This made me consider killing from another perspective. While I was not the one who killed Jafar, my actions clearly lead to his death. Is this enough to hold my character accountable? I believe it is, in this case.


    Good job! After reading this gamelog I began to wonder how culpable an individual is even if they are not the direct cause of a death. This could be a question worth exploring... how responsible is a character or player if they are not given a choice? Is Jafar's death just a matter of bad moral luck, in that his death could not be predicted? Does this game have a message about moral luck? There are plenty of questions to think about from what you described here.

    Thursday 22 February, 2018 by zhardy
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