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    McKennaCaldwell's GameLog for Firewatch (PS4)

    Wednesday 14 February, 2018

    The end of Firewatch really came together for me. I loved the moral choice of being flirty and kind of taking the relationship with Delilah further or deciding to stay true to your ailing wife. Its a hard choice to make! Delilah is a great character! She is funny and easy to connect with. And on one hand your wife is across the world and very sick. So sick she probably doesn't even remember Henry. But on the other hand, she is sick and Henry's wife. It seems so easy to just have a thing with Delilah, and then the game really makes you feel guilty and a little nervous. By adding the conspiracy that someone has been recording and overhearing their conversations the player can feel both of those emotions if they have made the morally "bad" choice. I thought it was brilliant. And I personally think that making the ending a little anti climactic helped that. It made you feel bad that you only felt guilty because you thought you would get caught.


    Great job with this gamelog! You dive into a lot of interesting topics such as fear of dementia as well as decision making in regards to the likeability of the other character. The theme of the likeability of Delilah and itís effect on how the player makes decisions could be interesting to dive into for your OPA.

    Friday 23 February, 2018 by cwesting
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