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    LeeDawg55's GameLog for Gears of War (360)

    Thursday 11 January, 2007

    I have just finished my first Act to Gears of War! After about 3 or 4 weeks of just playing online, I figured that I would finally play campaign mode. After gaining skill through the online mode, I figure I would test the waters by playing hardcore and just skip casual. It was quiet the new experience of gears of war! As I played Ashes, Marcus Fenix experienced many different types of Locusts: Drone, Sniper, Wretch, Dark Wretch, Seeder, and at last Bersherker. I was introduced to all sorts of the guns that were offered: Lancer, Gnasher, Hammer of Dawn, Snub Pistol, Boltok Pistol, and the Frag Gernades. After playing that hardest campaign playable, I find that the parts of Embry Square get pretty tough. At the Fork In The Road, I find a locust at the gunner, a locusts on the second story, and a few locusts running around. After killing all, a few emergence holes open where locusts crawl out of. After attempting this part in Embry Square many times, I proceed to the House of Sovereigns. Here I find another difficult part where I have to gain access to the entrance of the house of sovereigns. Pretty soon, I was ready to experience the last enemy of this Act...."The Berserker" I found that beating this locust was one of the most amazing experiences. First you have to lure him outside but shooting him to get his attention. As he starts to bolt towards you, you figure that you should be next to the door to the next room so he runs into it breaking the door open. After hes outside, I get to a safe distance and whoop his ass with the hammer of dawn! I dominated him and that was the end of Act One!!!!!


    Dude whats your gamer tag? I need a partner to do co-op on insane ;)

    Thursday 11 January, 2007 by ChronicGamer

    Dude whats your gamer tag? I need a partner to do co-op on insane ;)

    Thursday 11 January, 2007 by ChronicGamer
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