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    utah1886's GameLog for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

    Friday 16 February, 2018

    I played another couple hours today and primarily focused on helping a lowly orc named Ratbag rise through the ranks by setting up and killing the captains above him. I've come to like him and hope that it doesn't set me up to kill him later on. I still haven't come across the power to turn the Urux against each other but Ratbag will do for now. I've been leveling up my attributes nicely to my play-style and the game is getting better the more I'm becoming comfortable with the mechanics.

    Orcs and Urux are a nasty bunch of creatures but the ethical choices Ratbag willingly uses is questionable. We talked about Kantianism in class today and he 100 percent goes against his way of thinking by lying through his teeth and setting up other captains to be killed as they're just means to his end.

    I'm definitely going to continue playing this game to the end and maybe it will prompt me to play the newly released Shadow of War.


    Great job Ben! You bring up a really interesting topic in your 2nd gamelog in relation to the nemesis system and being able to turn the enemies on their own kind. Your analysis could lead towards a lot of interesting ethical revolving around topics such as the morality of reverting otherís intentions for your own protection or the moral implications of using manipulation to achieve your cause. Keep it up!

    Friday 23 February, 2018 by cwesting
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