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    Jdao's GameLog for Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    Monday 26 March, 2018

    Just beat chapter 3 and it was actually pretty short. Not a whole lot of side missions popped up, it was mainly a lot of cutscenes. In this chapter we play as a new character, Majima, whose the manager of a well known cabaret club. He's a proper and polite manager when on the job, and will do anything to make his business successful. We later learn that he's only doing this in order to make money so he can go back to living as a yakuza. He'd rather go back to living as a yakuza than living a normal civilian life, even if that civilian life earns him a lot of money and a peaceful life. He wants to stay true to himself. Though it kind of seems like he may forsake his own moral compass in order to accomplish his goals. So far it's hard to tell what moral framework he follows or if its a mix. Majima helps others when they're in need and takes out those that try to get in his way like Kiryu. Unlike Kiryu he's a smooth talker that can 'read the room'. Kiryu and Majima seem pretty similar in terms of morality. The only difference is there methods in getting things done, besides the beating your way out of a problem aspect cause they both kind of share that. Kiryu is pretty straightforward and lets his intentions visible for everyone. While Majima is a bit more calculative and tries to find a more efficient route and his will to continue following his moral compass no matter what may be a bit lacking compared to Kiryu.
    This game seems like it's going to be pretty lengthy, which I don't mind. And so far it's been an enjoyable experience because of the story and it's characters. There's a lot of things that I can see being applicable/relatable to real people's lives. It's a game that I can see people take a lot from it.


    Really good in depth analysis Jonathan! Your analysis of the various side missions such as the video game stealing dad and the film producer do a great job of analyzing how the wide cast of character’s make decisions closely in line with the class’ moral frameworks. It’s interesting to wonder if the developers intended to do so or if the classe’s moral frameworks are so ingrained in the human being that developers often go to it for character motivation in games.

    Saturday 7 April, 2018 by cwesting
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