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    Cocochanel972's GameLog for Firewatch (PC)

    Wednesday 28 March, 2018

    Day 1: The opening story is pretty heartbreaking. The player must go through a series of dialogue and action choices that affect how the story of the main character (Henry) and his wife Julia as they build their life, and as it falls apart with her early onset dementia. I probably would've cried a little had she full on died, but the slow decay of the relationship and the terrible coping mechanisms kinda removed me from it all.

    Henry is hiking out to forget about his problems. Perfect. My kind of guy. After settling in, we meet Delila who is a bit forward, but I get the idea we'll be falling in love purely over the radio. The next day, some rascals are shooting fireworks so I head into the forest to go teach em a lesson. After being cut off from the main trail I clean up the beer cans of some young teenagers and follow a trail of clothes to a lake. (I should mention they left an unattended fire too.)

    I can't beat them up although I asked if I could, but it turns out two young ladies decided to bring alcohol and fireworks into the forest and go skinny dipping. I was confronted with a decision to just yell at them, or to pick up their jukebox and... drop it in the lake. I decide to do the latter for multiple reasons: I'm 40+ years old and tired, they littered, shot fireworks illegally, and left a fire unattended. I figured I can't get in trouble cause my ass ain't a ranger, as far as they know I'm just a dude who passed through.

    Upon returning via a grueling hike and running into an unkown man coming from the direction of my tower. I find it's been ransacked.

    Day 2....


    Ahhhh I hit submit at 11:59 but I had forgotten to pick a game log so it refreshed and by the time I clicked it, it had turned to 12:00. :/

    Wednesday 28 March, 2018 by Cocochanel972
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