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    Equilities's GameLog for Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    Wednesday 28 March, 2018

    This session consisted of the main climax of this first chapter of the story, which was basically your characters decision to leave the family officially and getting through Kuze to do it.

    Side note, I started the game on hard because I usually like challenge, and it did take me a while to learn the intricacies of the fighting to beat Kuze as a boss fight. However, there was a ton of fighting and one thing I realized, was that the only way to make money was to beat people up. I think this will be an interesting thing to think/write about, especially with how much the money values differ depending on the strength of the opponent. After this whole boss fight and climax of the chapter I got a fair amount more freedom afterwards and was able to do some leisure activities, which was kind of funny to see how our character acts doing those activities while the extremely serious story is still in progress where we have to clear our name.


    Good job Anson! You make a interesting observation on how Yakuza differs from many RPG’s in how Yakuza doesn’t allow the player to make choices and thus the choices to the player character’s decision are left up to the developers. How does not having choice in these decisions change the moral implications of what message the game is sending?

    Saturday 7 April, 2018 by cwesting
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