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    leaf99's GameLog for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PC)

    Wednesday 28 March, 2018

    Game Log 3 Part 3 Ė Shadow of Mordor

    Making progress in this game is a slow endeavor. I got through a couple more quests and ended up helping Ratbag get promoted to Warchief, but it took a while, and I died trying to get further than that.

    I did get some more backstory on the wraith (the game finally revealed his name) and now Iím guessing that his evil friend in the flashback sequences was the one who killed his family. I still wish that Talion and the wraith would have more interaction than ďweíre very cursed, have some exposition,Ē but it doesnít seem likely at this point.

    The mechanics are getting more complex as the game goes on, but the core gameplay of hunting down orcs is starting to get repetitive. I feel like all Iím doing is finding chiefs and captains, murdering them in a variety of gory ways, and occasionally interrogating them for more information so I can hunt down more captains. Once I have that information, the cycle starts all over again.

    Iím obviously going to have to spend more time with this game than what Iíve put in this gamelog if I want to get anywhere near finishing it. Iím a few hours in already, and my progress according to the menu is only 18%. That said, it has been a generally enjoyable experience so far, and Iíll probably be able to put in a few more hours with it before it becomes a mind-numbing grind.


    Glad to see you are enjoying the game! Often when there is a duality between two characters the author, in this case game developers, are pointing to a theme. If you find that theme it may help you find the ethical framework used in the game.

    Thursday 5 April, 2018 by Lynn
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