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    adsorensen's GameLog for 1979 Revolution: Black Friday (PC)

    Wednesday 28 March, 2018

    My final session of 1979 Revolution was good. I was able to finish the game, wasn't too impressed by the ending unfortunately. The relationship between Reza and Hossein was quite interesting. I tried to cooperate with him when Reza gets arrested, but it was difficult. It was nice for him to help though since there was so much tension between the police and revolutionaries. At dinner with the family, I attempted to defend Ali, who is a big trouble maker and may have killed people. My instincts told me to stick up for him since he was family, which didn't seem to matter to the other people.

    When Ali and Hossein confronted each other, I talked down Ali from shooting and saved Hossein from the army. It was really sad when Babak died, I felt like he was a really close friend to Raza and also shared my views on the non violence approaches to problems. He was also really passionate about the revolution. Overall I really liked the game and thought it did a good job teaching the player about life during the Revolutionary Iran. It brings up the question whether a people should stand up to their ruling government if their being mistreated. This goes into social contract and it would be argued that the protesters were doing the moral thing in actively fighting against the government.


    Social contract theory could be a really interesting take on the revolution. Depending on what the contract is, either the government or the people could be in the right. I would recommend playing devil's advocate to help improve your argument by showing you have thought out both sides of the argument and that your conclusion (who is in the right) is the correct side.

    Thursday 5 April, 2018 by Lynn
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