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    DayBreak94's GameLog for Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    Thursday 29 March, 2018

    Yakuza 0 Session #3
    During this session, I made a great deal of progress story-wise, and the plot is starting to thicken. During this session, I also tried to explore the city a bit more however, I found that there were some areas that were blocked off during certain story events which sort of bugged me. I get it understand the reason the designers want the player to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted with side activities. Something really amusing that I noticed while exploring the game world is that the lightest tap on the shoulder while walking past someone will tick them off and start a fight with you. It is amusing that some random people you barely tap on the street will through down the gantlet and start a fight in the middle of a public place. I also like that fact that you help people on the street that are being harassed by other people. In one instance I took a slight detour to help a woman that was being accosted by some shady guys in an alley, this feature reminds me of Batman Arkham City where you could save political prisoners being roughed up by the other inmates. Also during this session, I experienced a boss fight, the fight with one of the Dojima lieutenants wasn't too bad however, it was a noticeable step up from the eniemes I had been fighting before so this fight gave me a little trouble. What I find very engaging about this game is learning more about the role of a Yakuza in a crime syndicate and how important the family name is in the organization. The main character Kiryu is stripped of his title as a Yakuza to protect the honor of his family name. In terms of ethical issues in this game, I think possible examine the actions of the player and player character could lead to an interesting to the topic to further explore.

    Nick Day


    Great job Nick! One particularly interesting part of your gamelog is where you write about how you feel somewhat responsible for Kiryu’s crime in the Empty Lot despite it being an event that happens before the player has control over Kiryu. Is there something about playing as a character in a game that makes the player partially identify as the character and thus feel responsible for what they’ve done?

    Saturday 7 April, 2018 by cwesting
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