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    AlexCerv's GameLog for Yakuza 0 (PS4)

    Thursday 29 March, 2018

    A npc character name Ruby approach to me (Kiryu) and i asked do i wanna hang-out and i chose yes in my option dialogue. Thus, substory called "The Truth About Beauty" was initialized. Soon, the screen turned black but there might have been hints that Kiryu was about to get physical with Ruby. However, Kiryu discovered Ruby was a man in-disguised. Ruby laughed and said "got more than what you bargained for?" Kiryu, was on his knees hurling as he was feeling humiliated. Then Ruby's brother approach to the scene, as he explained about his plot was just so they can rob Kiryu's wallet. Kiryu fights Ruby's brother but he learned that Ruby's brother is a woman in-disguised.

    In the game, during their fight, some moments were really extreme fights like Kiryu picking-up a motorcycle and bashes Ruby. Skull-cracking and head bashing on the ground were very gruesome. Also, i had a crowd around me during this fight and they were entertained with the brawl. At the end, they both submit to Kiryu and ran away from him. Realistically, i don't know how Ruby was able to run away after Kiryu threw down that random motorcycle he picked-up and wield it like a sword and hit him? Is it morally right to take fights to the extreme?

    There is a video i came across on YouTube called "RESPECTING WOMEN KIWAMI STYLE". A video where Kiryu fights Ruby for about five minutes. The bone-cracking and bleed-out were very surreal. I was morally disturbed of how the youtuber changed the narration to where it looks like Kiryu is beating a random woman up badly on the streets. Ruby being tortured and beaten for that amount of length is, to me, disgusting.


    Good job going into depth on a single mission. Going into depth on one element of the game often will bring a focused analysis. Your observation on how the game goes to the extreme and how this was exploited by a youtuber is interesting. Consider how moments in gameplay can be exploited by its players and what responsibility game developers hold in these situations.

    Saturday 7 April, 2018 by cwesting
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