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    Emma Morrissey's GameLog for This is the Police (PC)

    Saturday 31 March, 2018

    As I've been playing this game, I've started to wonder the 'correct' way to play it. There is a heavy emphasis placed on characterization of the main character--a sixty year old, soon to be retired police chief named Jack. Jack frequently has monologues and soliloquies reflecting on his mental state, how he feels about work, his home life, and his friends. All of these tie into gameplay. I'm trying to play the game strategically, all while taking Jack's life into consideration and acting accordingly. So he's a hardened police chief. Maybe I shouldn't let off coworkers so easily when they ask to call off sick. How should I feel about the mafia asking me for favors? Well, Jack's best friend asked for a cover before fleeing town. As Jack, I should be interested in maintaining the word I gave to my friend, as well as keeping my own family safe.

    Understanding Jack thoroughly has added another level of dimensionality to the game. In the opening sequence, he offers thoughts on his own moral lens. He has wild impulses, but keeps them restrained, for the most part. Mediating play between my own moral code, and Jack's has been an interesting one. Sometimes, I will make strategic moves such as purchasing names of workers who plan to testify against me, which I personally would not do, but Jack might. Other times, I decide to let workers off for a day because of a weak excuse, which Jack would not allow. Playing this way has made for an interesting experience that has lead me to consider my own thoughts on morals, and how others see the world around them.


    It's interesting how when you are playing as a character you can begin to understand how they think, even if would behave differently (such as giving employees a day off while your player character would not do that). It seems like you are doing a lot of reflection about the game and what is the right action, such as choosing the lesser evil or better outcome. You may be able to find an ethical framework that reflects that thought process (aiming for the least negative outcome) and use it to write you essay about this game's ethics.

    Thursday 5 April, 2018 by Lynn
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