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    dkirschner's GameLog for Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (PC)

    Monday 4 June, 2018

    Very cool little game! Exceeded my expectations. I'm going through a bunch of games I got for free like three years ago from someone on a forum. He gave me his entire Humble Bundle account, which had every purchase at the time. Back then, I went through and picked out all the ones I was interested in and haven't touched many since.

    Mutant Blobs Attack is like a love letter to the late 2000s-early 2010s era indie platformer games, and there are references EVERYWHERE in this game. It plays like part Katamari Damacy, Osmos, and World of Goo combined. You'll also see references to And Yet it Moves, Guacamelee, and various internet videos and memes of the time, such as "oh my god, shoes" and etc.

    You play as a blob escaped from a science lab. Each stage, you have to get bigger by eating objects, food when you're small, then up to humans and cars and buildings and so on. The scale changes as you get bigger. The Katamari influence is really strong toward the end when you are rolling over entire cities. You can see what you ingest, which is very Katamari as well. At the end of each zone, there is a news broadcast (just like Katamari) recapping the events thus far.

    There is some physics stuff with the platforming, and the art also looks a little like World of Goo. You have a couple powers, such as attracting and repelling from metal objects, and using a telekinesis power to move platforms. None of the puzzles were too hard, and they were all fun.

    Osmos may be the biggest influence. The blob usually rolls around, but occasionally you go through a gate that makes you float. You then propel yourself around, just like the thing in Osmos, except you don't lose mass. There are even black holes with gravity to avoid, and the final sequence is basically a level of Osmos.

    I love this type of game, and to play a short and sweet one that felt like those from a decade ago was a blast. It took me only 2.5 hours, though you can replay levels for speedruns or to find all the blob friends, if you like. Such fun. Hopefully some more of these old Humble Bundle games are hits with me too!


    I really enjoyed it too - it was a surprise for me as well. I think the high level of polish on the art and gameplay really did it for me. :-)

    Monday 4 June, 2018 by jp

    Absolutely. It oozed (because it's a mutant blob get it?!) style. Totally charmed me.

    Tuesday 5 June, 2018 by dkirschner
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