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    u1201698's GameLog for Nier Automata (PC)

    Thursday 30 August, 2018

    Game Log 1: Entry 3

    Nier: Automata

    Main Character: 2B

    Supporting Characters: 9S, Weapons Trader

    With my third time diving into the game, I am starting to notice some of the ethical issues that are not part of the story and do not/will not affect the outcome of the game. One instance of this would be the sexualization of the main character, 2B. She is an android who looks identical to a human and has the figure of an anime character. While you are running around the different environments her skirt will fly up and you are able to see underneath it. I see no necessary use for this character design and don’t see why she isn’t wearing full pants. On another note, back to the androids being sentient issue, does the way they are dressed even matter because they are not human? 2B directly says that “feeling nice has no bearing on missions”, so why would dress matter to their makers if that thought is embedded in their systems? The theme of the game seems to dispute the developers own character designs.

    Another interesting moment occurred when the Weapons Trader says, “What if my weapons make my friends die faster?” I can’t remember a time where an NPC, this early in the game, reflects on his/her own actions and how they affect the people around them. Is he right for making the weapons that his friends are holding when they die? If he doesn’t would they die faster? All interesting questions that can be applied to instance beyond just this game.


    Good job Danny! You bring up a bunch of really interesting points. You mention that 2B's outfit seems to dispute the idea that the androids are treated as just machines, do you think wearing a mask on her face but a sexualized outfit on her body makes 2B feel more human or less so?

    Wednesday 5 September, 2018 by Light
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