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    Jwhitecar's GameLog for A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Thursday 30 August, 2018

    I replayed the game for a few minutes to see if the options would change if you said that you were uncomfortable with the dressing of the suicide victim. However it seems that the option is not something that affect the outcome of the story that much. I did't play all the way through but it didn't seem to change the next emails that you receive. Kind of wish that it did but I can see its not that important to the story.

    The gameplay itself doesn't have that many ethical decisions to make, however the concept of the game as a whole is where it gets interesting. The game makes the player see that death is really not a big of deal as the world makes it out to be. Sure people are sad that thier loved one is gone but its an every day part of life. The only thing that is certain about life is that we all die someday. Death is so stigmatized as a horrible thing that its used as a punishment in most games or just glossed over because you need to progress. A Mortician's Tale really puts it into perspective how mundane death is.


    Good job Jenny! You bring up some interesting topics. In particular, you bring up that in a lot of ways your decisions didn't feel like they affected the outcomes of things. Do you think you should have been able to make the choice about respecting the deceased's wishes instead of the just following the family and their choices? Does that answer change outside of the context of a game?

    Wednesday 5 September, 2018 by Light
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