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    pring99's GameLog for This is the Police (PC)

    Thursday 30 August, 2018

    If you divide the people who play the game into two. One is a fully immersive player. When playing games, these people often can't distinguish between the characters being manipulated and themselves. They think that the characters they control are themselves, and they experience the same experience as him. The same feeling as him; and another person, it is clear that he is himself. The character in the game may be just the puppets under their line. Different from the previous storytelling mode of text games, this game is more like letting you write a story yourself. There are also many moral choices: players can choose to help their deputy to escape the mafia's claws. But they themselves have to be the mafia's eyeliner; or because they found that the mayor had raped their favorite female prosecutor, so they made various choices against the city government and ousted the mayor in the first half of retirement. The source of these stories is the player itself, and the player is the only one who decides it. However, the player will find that when they are immersed in the game, they are not just you who have just opened the game. The pressure and moral principles of the various parties force them to make choices that would otherwise make them unable to look directly. Finally, they became a puppet, perhaps a puppet of money, perhaps a gangster's puppet, or an emotional puppet. The moment when the game gives players the best experience is not the moment when they get out of the gangsters, not the moment when they successfully retire and care for themselves, but the moment they close the computer. When players think about themselves in the game, they will find that they can make that choice at that time. It was originally under such pressure from all sides that they were such a person, a person who was paralyzed on the edge of morality.


    Great job Zhenyue! You bring up a lot of interesting points. You bring up that some people play the game as if they were the main character, while other people may play the game as if the main character was someone else. How do these different ways of playing change the gameplay experience? Is making an "unethical" decision better if you make it as a character instead of as yourself?

    Wednesday 5 September, 2018 by Light

    When people think that the characters manipulated in the game are themselves, it indicates that the players have a powerfully immersive experience of the game. This gives players the illusion that they are in real life, experiencing the same experience and feeling the same way. The most significant advantage of this situation is that players can't help but want to continue to play the game, and want to know the ending of the protagonist of the game because at this moment the protagonist is themselves, they want to know how their ending will be. On the other hand, they recognize themselves as themselves. The character in the game, perhaps only they control the muppet. Besides, I think making an "unethical" decision from the perspective of a character strengthens characterization of the character and enriches the details and sense of reality in their characterization. Not only that but letting the characters make unethical decisions is even more guilt-free.

    Thursday 6 September, 2018 by pring99
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