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    jasonyale9212's GameLog for Hitman (Complete First Season) (PC)

    Thursday 30 August, 2018

    Although the number of levels is not comparable to the previous ones, the so-called concentration is the essence. The map of each chapter of "Hitman" is a carefully designed small sandbox, which is composed of complicated duplex and multi-layer structure. The assassination route and details that can be found between the scenes are amazing. The bald head 47 can choose to infiltrate from various unexpected roads, and there are a large number of interactive props in the scene. But it takes a lot of time if you want to thoroughly understand the entire level structure.


    Hey Nan! The game logs are a great way to take notes as you play a game and look for interesting ethical questions that you can later use to work on your OPA. Instead of describing the gameplay, try to look for questions about the morality of the game's content or design. For example, in Hitman you're playing as an assassin, so there's a lot you can talk about with violence in games. Is a game focused on killing people a good influence for people? If Agent 47's targets are bad people, does that make killing them okay? Is giving players a wide variety of ways to perform each assassination encouraging them to think about creative ways to kill someone, or abstracting the killing by making it more of a puzzle than a violent act? In your future game logs try to focus on what the game makes you think or feel instead of just what the game is mechanically.

    Wednesday 5 September, 2018 by Light
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