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    U1's GameLog for Hitman (PS4)

    Wednesday 26 September, 2018

    Wednesday September 26, 2018. Despite it being a game about contract killing it is rather humorous. Mainly thanks to the manager character who also serves as the narrator. The hints which she provides turns the game into somewhat of a comedy. The targets that you eliminate are often for greater good. Agent 47 has a constant pattern of behavior of placing his victims inside boxes or closets after he has taken from them what he needs. Agent 47 also instead of using a gun, simply throws the Okinawan Tonfa at his target to bring him down and wear his victim's clothes for as long as he needs them. A military uniform for instance. And changes into another military uniform, this time with a red beret after knocking down his victim with his Okinawan Tonfa. Again, this is a point the game clearly makes, people only notice the uniform, not the person. Even when being turned away by guards simply by picking a suitable uniform players can bypass most forms of security.


    Good job Donaldo! I find it super interesting how you bring up that “it is not a game about ethics, it is a game about business.” I could argue that there’s ethics in business too, but I think the point you’re making is that Agent 47’s actions are about business more than passionate assassination. Is Agent 47 absolved of any “guilt” for killing because he’s getting paid to do it? Is hiring a hitman more or less ethical than killing someone yourself? Is being a hitman more or less ethical than just killing someone for yourself? By your argument, could war and soldiering also be considered just business?

    Monday 15 October, 2018 by Light

    Thank you Light. I'll follow your advice.

    Monday 15 October, 2018 by U1
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