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    leonayao's GameLog for A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Wednesday 26 September, 2018

    Since I already finished the game, I replayed it once again.

    If this game’s purpose is to get people to think about “what is death?” then it is considered as a successful game. There are various people died in different ways. For example, there was a woman who died from breast cancer, an old man who died from aging, adolescence who killed himself and the list goes on. After replaying I had some thoughts on what was the reason they displayed different ways of death, maybe the creator was trying to let us think about the people who were already dead in our life or people who might have a risk to die. In the process of cremation required the player to take the bones and pieces, and turn it into ashes. Then we have to put the ashes into a vessel. The last step of this process is to put a name tag inside the vessel, which is made by a piece of small metal for identification. This makes me think of how people will turn into dust and become nothing. The identification metal is what we endow meaning to it, a prove that we have existed in the world.

    There were two corpses that made a deep impression of me. One was the teenager who suicided. Before receiving the body, players had the option to refuse to take care of the body for the funeral. “Is suicide something hard for you to deal with?” the email said. If anyone who suffered a loss of a close one who suicided, will they be offended when the scene is recreated in a game? I think it is acceptable because I get to choose. I chose to deal with the corpse and attended the funeral once again, and I paid extra attention to the dialog of the family member. Just in a few sentences, but I can tell the family member was not expecting this to happen. Is this a message from the game to ask players to pay more attention for those who are mentally suffering? If so, I hope that there were more content in the game. The game threw out ideas and messages, but they were weak, it did not extend it to the next level. Although it is an indie game, it doesn’t change the fact that due to the poorly written dialog and awkward 3D motion of the characters lowered the player’s experience. Another corpse that made a deep impression of me was a corpse of a homeless people. He had no accessories to identify him but only a metal name tag. The player was the only one who “attended” his funeral. In this case, less content means a lot. The game successfully recreated the scene of loneliness for a human being having nobody. In this case, less equals more.


    Great job Leona! You’ve got some good reflection here and some really interesting thoughts. In particular I liked when you talked about how the funerals didn’t seem to really be about the person who died and how nobody attends the funeral of the homeless person. Do you think funerals are more for the dead or for the people still living? Does the game agree or conflict with that?

    Monday 15 October, 2018 by Light
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