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    Elias_Lumarda's GameLog for A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Thursday 27 September, 2018

    Because I played through the entire game over the course of my first two entries, I was told to play through it again for my third entry. Playing through the game again made me think about the other characters in the game, both the ones we see in person and the ones we interact with through email. When looking at Amy and evaluating her moral interactions, you could tell that all of the actions that she made were made with her employees in mind. Although some of her actions may have had to lower the happiness the employees the manner in which she did it made the damage minimal. Meanwhile, the megaCorp that acquired the funeral home did worse actions without a second thought to their employees. Matt, the friendly hearse driver, overall his actions are trending in the increasing happiness, of himself, Charlie, and the families of the victims. Charlie herself is in a grey area because the player's actions are really having no impact on any other people, except for the families happy with her work. But her work has no direct effects because all she’s cutting up are cadavers. So ultimately her actions are net positive, even though the player's decisions have no true outcome.


    Great job Elias! I love how you’re able to bring in the Utilitarian Framework to explain why you hated the company that takes over. Good job synthesizing topics from class into your gameplay experience!

    Monday 15 October, 2018 by Light
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