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    U1099989's GameLog for Nier Automata (PC)

    Thursday 27 September, 2018

    As I left the bunker, I was drawn into the game by the beautiful world and the freedom to explore I was given. And as I went to help the resistance, the machine enemies I found were progressively getting weirder. Some would just stand around, some were violent, but as I went out into the desert, they started to talk. Asking for help, saying "run away", talking about the pain they were in. 2B was hesitant to attack, but 9S reminded her they couldn't speak, they were just repeating random strings of words. But as I progressed, it got worse. The machines were wearing tribal outfits, attempting to have sex, and pretending to care for a child. After fighting me with a large horde of machines, they came together and made what appeared to be another android. I didn't attack it, and it didn't move or attack me, as the game urged me to get rid of it, I begrudgingly attacked it. The "thing" started to evolve, learning how to dodge, shield, and return attacks. After a long battle, I stabbed him with 9S, and I thought he was dead. As 2B walked away, he emerged from his own body as another android, healed. I couldn't tell what even was going on anymore as I ran away.


    Good work Parker! You go into a lot of detail on the opening scenes of the game and how the player is presented to the world. One theme that a lot of your logs revolve around is emotion: the amount of emotion (life) in the world, the emotions the characters show/donít show etc.. This could be an interesting theme to explore with the ethics of how emotions are handled by the characters of the game.

    Thursday 11 October, 2018 by cwesting
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