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    u1046618's GameLog for A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Thursday 27 September, 2018

    09/27/18 - 9:30

    Ok, well...I finished...

    Idk how I should really proceed given that it only took me an hour to finish the entire game, but here we go I guess.

    So at the start of the session I was given the first (and apparently last) real choice in the game. The choice of whether or not to perform preparations for a family that was purposefully disregarding the wishes of the deceased. I chose not to, but I will likely go back and see what dialogue the family would have at the funeral so I can (if not just for the achievement) get a full picture.

    Following this we are introduced to the defacto villain, a big funeral corporation. Ah how I love games with as much disdain for corporations as I do. They obviously purchase the funeral home and impose new restrictions.

    There was this moment about halfway through the session that, while nothing really happened during it, just made me pause for a solid minute. The corporation had gotten permission to cremate unclaimed bodies (for some reason or another idk) and so I was preparing the body of a homeless man. I finished up and went out to the "funeral". I don't know if it actually happened or not, but the music might as well have just cut out entirely. The room that I had been acquainted with as being filled with people every time I saw it was stark and empty. I just kind of stood there paralyzed for, as I said, a solid minute.

    So eventually the game ends with me and my coworker quitting, though he beats us to it, and each of us finding new jobs. He gets to be a bus driver, and I get to open a funeral home specializing in green burials.

    That's it though. That's what the game ends with. I'm actually very disappointing. They had a great opportunity to make a stellar business management game, but I guess the devs didn't have a very large team/budget???


    Good work Noah! The two main themes I picked up in the gamelogs was that of unethical acts by corporations, in trying to buy the playerís funeral home and opposing restrictions, as well as topics relevant to modern society such as LGBTQ issues and cultural awareness. Diving deeper into how the game approaches these topics might be a good place to start for the OPA.

    P.S.: I wasnít sure if the dates at the top of the log were the times you submitted the log to avoid problems with the website or if thatís when you wrote the gamelog. Make sure to submit your gamelogs on the website on seperate days.

    Thursday 11 October, 2018 by cwesting
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