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    U1's GameLog for Nier: Automata (PS4)

    Sunday 4 November, 2018

    Sunday November 4, 2018. "We're soldiers. We take pride in our service." But 2B doesn't want to leave 9S behind, even if his situation seems irreparable. Although 2B is an android, she does seem to have feelings. Doesn't she? What is this? Compassion? What we should all have for each other? Correct? But 2B does leave 9S. After 2B climbs into the flying machine that comes to pick her up she really aims to kill, kill, kill that huge boss that hurt 9S so badly. His eyes are bright red again. "It talks? I didn't know the machines had that kind of intelligence," comments 2B about the huge boss. 2B had to remove the machine's arm and fight against the machine with its own arm. She eventually hit the huge boss on its eye. When 2B falls, 9S with his only arm and sole leg reappear to comfort her. "The black box. It's ready," says 9S holding it, after three additional huge bosses have appeared. Things couldn't get worse, it appears. 2B holds her own black box. "It's an honor to fight with you," says 9S. "The honor was mine," replies 2B. As they they bring each other's small black box together, they destroy themselves? 9S uploaded 2B's data and she thanks him for it; they're in complete, fine shape in this scene. YoRHa for the glory of mankind. Androids in the year A.D. 5012. Then a voice explains the story that more or less says this. "In the year in which the glorious history of humanity came to an abrupt end. When the world was invaded by aliens from beyond the stars. The aliens released a new kind of weapon, machine life forms that annihilated human civilization. The handful of survivors that remained left the Earth, seeking refuge on the moon. 5204 A.D. Humanity launched its counterattack, deploying an army of androids from a network of orbiting bases. But after more than a dozen large scale descents upon the enemy we still haven't managed to repel the invaders. That is why you, the YoRHa forces exist. To break this once and for all. You are our ultimate weapon. You must put an end to this war." So the androids reply "understood Sir." And the voice wishes them "good hunting." "Glory to man kind," say the androids with much respect, fidelity, devotion. Impressive phrase. "Glory to mankind," responds the voice.

    The player is able to adjust his android, brightness and what have you. "Go ahead and adjust your voice so you can hear me." This game really involves the player, to take care of the settings. "If things go wrong, you may have to sacrifice yourself in order to complete the operation," is what more or less says the objective voice in a very calm, friendly tone. So yes, go ahead and kill yourself as long as the operation is a success. And after the setting we are able to see 2B's eyes as she gets up. The scene is very black and white. Maybe the androids see in black and white? Additionally, if you play online, like on Dark Souls with the blood stains, you can get information from other androids who have committed suicide, you can get the android, the pieces that are left of it, more or less that. The simple robots in the game look like the cell phone "Androids"' hmmm.


    Great job! Youíve got a lot of thoughts about things as they go, itís clear you try to think critically about game elements as you play. Iím excited to see what you write about.

    Thursday 15 November, 2018 by Light

    Thank you Light.

    Thursday 15 November, 2018 by U1
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