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    Serenaash's GameLog for A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Thursday 8 November, 2018

    The end was very uplifting. The main girl, Charlie, decided she was done with all of the corporate rules and went on to create her own mortuary. Her mortuary was a green mortuary, where their loved ones would be buried and a tree would grow from right next to it. This was alluded to as it showed her tab, which was to get licensed. It also had a subscription list about green funerals. There was also a family that had wanted it, but the corporate guy said that that wasn't allowed. It was a good ending that showed that the unethical acts of corporations can be solved by just getting out of that environment and just creating your own. Additionally, the corporation kept getting gigs where they would deal with unclaimed bodies and hospital patients. While this is good for profits, it is sad as no one attends the funerals.


    Good work! You have some interesting analysis in here, including your statement on LGBT representation with the line “It is important to recognize life styles of more than one group.” This seemed to be a compliment to the game’s handling of the ethics of green burials from a diverse set of perspectives. Also, you have some interesting ethical critiques of the practices of the corporation that bought out the in game mortuary.
    As for the topic brought up in your last game log I think that looking at the player character’s actions through a kantian lens could produce some interesting results for the OPA. However, there are some aspects of your proposition that I’m not quite understanding. Right now I’m not quite sure what the “actions” and “duty” you’re referring to as moral are. Is adherence to the corporation Charlie’s duty or is starting the new business her duty? And I believe the moral actions are leaving the corporation because it gives her a free consciousness and she is required to do the immoral acts anymore but this could be cleared up a bit. With all that being said this seems like a good potential topic/thesis for the OPA draft just with a few of changes in wording for clarity.
    Also, don’t worry about the last game log being late. You got the other 3 in on time so you’re all good!

    Wednesday 14 November, 2018 by cwesting
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