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    Tanden's GameLog for A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Thursday 8 November, 2018

    A Morticianís Tale Playthrough #3
    The last playthrough was an interesting experience because it didnít last for very long. The last playthrough only lasted about fifteen minutes due to the fact that there simply wasnít enough content in the game to play it for much longer than that. I found it interesting that there was a major time lapse in the game where it went from being a miserable job working for a major corporation to being my own boss and owning my own business. That would have been a much more interesting and enjoyable story had it not just time lapsed an entire year in an instance. With that being said I actually found the game very dull after ever since the suicide of the young man I talked about in the last playthrough. With that being said there was still some interesting points in the last little bit of the game.
    The first thing that I think was interesting was the idea of giving a happy ending to a game that overall had a darker more depressing theme throughout the rest of the game. On that note, the music at the very end I thought was perfect and would have actually been really enjoyable even on its own which is something I donít feel about most games I play. Itís not very often that I am wowed by the music in games. Beyond the music, the other point I wanted to bring up has to do with the game itself instead of the content of the game. I essentially got less than a total hour according to Steam and I paid $10 for the game. With that being said is this an adequate amount of entertainment for a game relative the cost. After reading some of the reviews on Steam that didnít seem to be what most people thought and I would have to agree. Although the game was interesting it felt fairly repetitive and the fact that it was so short made me really feel that I didnít get my moneyís worth. This raises the ethical question of how much should a game cost? Or more importantly is there an expectation to be met with the pricing of a game? It had been such a long time since Iíve beaten a game so quickly that I didnít feel I got my moneyís worth because I usually relate to another form of entertainment such as going to the movies. If I go to the movies and it costs me say $10 for three hours of entertainment then I would expect likewise of a game or at the very least something relatively close. But in this instance, I spent $10 for less than an hour so I feel that this game would have been a lot better off if itís price point was lower due to overall customer satisfaction.


    Great job! Youíve got some really interesting points that you could flesh out into an OPA. What does the game accomplish by railroading your choices at those crucial ethical moments? How did having the emotional suicide case in the middle of the game make it feel different than if it had been at the end? How did the emotional tone of the game affect your perspective on death, if at all?

    Wednesday 14 November, 2018 by Light
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