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    leonayao's GameLog for Little Nightmares (Switch)

    Friday 9 November, 2018

    Today I continued playing the game for about 2 hours.
    When I first entered a room with proper furniture and light, it was filled with tall books. Notice that the toilet in the room was very short while the hand tube was very high. This quickly reminded me that this might be the room of that long arm, weird looking monster. My hypothesis was right, it was him, he was blind, but his has good sense hearing. I was caught by him when I was trying to eat mouse meat that was placed in a cage, which was the bait for a trap. I heard that the game was originally called Hunger instead of Little Nightmare. Why does the game trying to tell the players? Our main character wouldn’t be able to move when she felt hunger. There were many other kids were being locked up as well. For the most part, I was trying to escape from the long-arm monster. I ended up cutting his arm off by shutting a door gate, and his arms were separated from his body, blood splatted around.
    Then I continue walking and came into a kitchen. I saw another giant man, cutting meat on the table. My goal was to find the key and go to the other room in the left. I felt like it turned into a hide-and-seek sort of game. I was really nervous when the giant man caught me, he directly put me on the cutting board and held up his knife…and the screen turned black as Game Over. I finally succeeded and escaped the kitchen. I came to another room which seemed to be like a washing room. There were two toilets, sticking together, right in the middle of the room. This was one of the weirdest designs I have ever seen. Then I walked into a dark room with two bed sticking together, side by side. Suddenly the light went on, and I saw another monster who looked exactly the same as the giant man in the kitchen. I then realize they must have been twins. After escaping from those brothers, I came into a room that was full of weird bags of bandages. I then realize, that stuff that was handing on the ceiling were no decoration but blended children meat that was compressed into sausages. I was disgusted and stopped playing.
    I will finish the game before submitting my draft. However, I was still very confused by the plot and the message behind the game.


    Great job! This game definitely has a lot of imagery that you could focus on if you’re not sure what to write about. You’ve mentioned the person that committed suicide, the children being locked up, and the blended children meat. Even if you’re not sure what the message behind the game is, you could talk about the developer’s choices to include such sensitive material into a game as background elements. Is it okay for developers to include things like that in the background of a game? Why or why not? Would it be better or worse if such sensitive content had more of an effect on gameplay instead of being in the background? You don’t have to answer these questions, but if you don’t know what to write about that might give you some ideas.

    Thursday 15 November, 2018 by Light
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