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    Books3's GameLog for Little Nightmares (PC)

    Friday 9 November, 2018

    For my last playthrough of Little Nightmares, I decided to play around an hour.
    While I was not the biggest fan of this game, mainly due to a dreaded fear of horror games, I
    did somewhat enjoy my time playing this game. The first portion that I played through was centered around escaping a chef in a fashion similar to the long armed man from the last section. The second section was the much more interesting part though, with a bunch of fat human monsters gorging themselves upon platters of food. These monsters seemed not only famished but also consumed with the desire to eat anything in their way.
    They would chase after me and like monsters with only one thought in their heads, eating. Their definitely seemed to be some ethical references in this section, not only with hunger, but also with human greed. I was heavily reminded of Spirited Away and how the humans that
    tried to gorge on the food were turned into pigs. The end of the section also shocked me, with my character eating this little dwarf gnome thingy that offered me some food. I have a feeling that I am abandoning whatever sense of humanity I have with each progressive consumption. From scraps, to rats, to gnomes,who knows what else my character will eat. The location where the gnome was eaten, also had another hanged man over it. That creeped me out, but also made me think back to the first level where there was a hanged man there, and that was all the way back at the bottom of the map. Overall, I enjoyed this game, but I didn't have it
    in me to finish it. Little Nightmares is very beautiful to look at, and the way the game forces all of the horrors upon you with its size ratio between the main character
    and the world is very intriguing.


    Great job! You talk a lot about the theme of hunger, what message do you think the game is trying to send with this continuing theme? How does the proportions of your character compared to the game world affect your game experience? How does the transition from the “puzzle” parts of the game to the “patience and standard horror” change the way the game feels?

    Wednesday 14 November, 2018 by Light
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