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    AnnesNotOkay's GameLog for A Mortician's Tale (PC)

    Friday 9 November, 2018

    It was pretty sad that no one attended the old mans funeral. and the guy in charge was like "meh, yeah just dispose of the body". yet it was also a very nice touch that charlie still payed respects regardless,, and treated his body with the same care as her other clients, despite his circumstance. we can start to see the protagonist (charlie) versus the antagonist (chad) who is continuously exploiting his customers.


    The questions you ask in the first gamelog have some great potential for further analysis in the OPA. The question of “is it unethical to misrepresent a sensitive subject/ profession? some people actually do this for a living, so would it be misrepresentation on their behalf? And if so why is it unethical?” has ethical relevance for a couple reasons. For one, this question is asking both whether misrepresentation is unethical, which applies to not only this game but games and other forms of media in general, and if the misrepresentation of a subject/profession in a game is actually representative of those subjects/professions and if so why is misrepresentation unethical. Also, the other question in your first gamelog about the time and place of humor in a game and whether this is a statement or coping mechanism also has interesting ethical relevance. One question I thought of when reading this was “Do game makers need to be cognizant of the statement they make when making a game as either a coping mechanism for themselves or as a coping mechanism for its players?”
    Additionally, your comments on the game winning morality points for providing the player choice in regards to emotionally heavy material and by having the player pay respects to the dead also have ethical implications in how game makers can encourage moral behavior and consider the emotional triggers of their players.
    Overall, really great work here. There’s a ton of potential material to work with for formulating your ethical statement or question for the thesis and reflecting on the game further.

    Wednesday 14 November, 2018 by cwesting
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