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    Oliverqinhao's GameLog for Disco Elysium (PC)

    Thursday 23 January, 2020

    During this part of playing. I found the game discusses most of the controversial topics in the world we live in, including ideological struggles, class confrontations, sexual ridicule, and racial discrimination topics, etc. they are all discussed thoroughly in the game. of course, the game There is no choice of side on any topic, everything is the player's own choice.
    as for the gaming part. I found very interesting that the developer considers emotion as a skill. for example, empathy is a skill in the game which you can level and if you level it up enough, you will unlock extra conversation.


    For the last part of the gamelog. I want to talk about worldview. The story of the game and the logic of the world are designed very consistently. The logic of the character shows how they treat others in that world. Naturally, some of them similar to political ideologies we are having now. This is not the first time political ideologies appear in games. But compared with other video games with political elements. The game also mentioned communism, nationalism, fascism, racism which not very like consider as correct in most of the other games.
    WE all know the game itself has no stance, but people who create them and people who are playing them have. Each ideology is "correct" at some point in history. But I think we shouldn't deny them totally. Instead of using a very negative example or story to stigma those ideologies. The Disco Elysium only shows them and lets the player decide how they are gonna do. After all political ideology is just a choice for people. There is no right or wrong.

    Thursday 23 January, 2020 by Oliverqinhao
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