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    Sup3rCondor's GameLog for Outriders (XBX X/S)

    Friday 2 April, 2021

    (Technically I'm playing this on my Xbox Series X) I downloaded the game from gamepass just to try it out. I sat down with my sister at the and of the day yesterday to try it for an hour or so. The first thing she said when we got into the character creator was "these graphics are amazing!"

    That made me realize how in modern times graphics are something that we take for granted. Most games just have amazing graphics these days with few exceptions. There are games that stand out, but even cheaper budget games still look remarkable. Anyway, moving on...

    The beginning of the game finds the player character a part of an initial scout team of colonists from earth on a new planet. Your team finds a crazy storm that kills everyone, and your character is infected with somethings and is forced to go into cryo sleep. You awake 31 years later to find that the mistakes of earth have been repeated. The land is engulphed by war. The player soon finds that the storm gave their character special powers. They get to choose from one of four classes. They fight their way through some soldiers and are soon brought to one of the leaders of the people. The Main leader turns out to be one of the scientist from the original scouting party. The voice acting so far is pretty bland. Most character performances are pretty flat.

    Thats as far as I got in the story. The gameplay is a pretty fun so far. Its like a run and gun Gears of War. The player can take cover, but it almost feels wiser to blend cover shooting with running around the battlefield out of cover. Like Bulletstorm before it, Outriders looks a lot like Gears of War. The art styles are very similar. That makes sense given People Can Fly developed the underrated Gears spin-off Gears of War: Judgment. I haven't played much more than an hour of the game yet, so I don't have a true opinion yet.


    Whoops! I fixed the platform - let me know which other games are Series X/S. I'd forgotten to add it (and PS5!) to the DB.

    Thursday 8 April, 2021 by jp
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