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    Relinquisher KOS-MOS's GameLog for Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2)

    Friday 12 January, 2007

    Well, after making it to Dragonscrypt, I decided to go back and finish up some sidequests before I move on to the next chapter. First, I’m trying to get two of my characters up to level 40. They’re at level 33 right now. Second, I’m trying to get three rings that I believe are going to be valuable later. So, I ended up fighting some enemies to get their items. I’m close to getting the Cat’s Ring. I just need one more item which happens to be cat poop. I don’t know how that makes a ring but oh well. So, I spent about an hour fighting some of the earliest enemies in the game. It was kind of boring since they only took one hit to die, but at least it made the battles faster. I managed to level up one of my characters in the process too. So, all I need is a little more time and I should have the Cat’s Ring as well as the Dog’s Ring and Bird’s Ring. Then, it’s back to the story.


    What are your thoughts about the game's design and gameplay? Is it good? bad? ugly?

    Tuesday 16 January, 2007 by TimTheEnchanted

    I think the game design overall is pretty good so far. The gameplay gets a little redundant. I feel all I'm doing is battling and nothing else. I kind of like sidequests that give me a break from the battling, but in this game, that never happens. And if you don't battle, you're going to fall way behind and the enemies will kill you and that's the bottom line. So, you're forced to fight all those battles in my opinion which kind of sucks when you just want to finish the dungeon quickly.

    Wednesday 17 January, 2007 by Relinquisher KOS-MOS
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