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    khsu's GameLog for Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    Friday 12 January, 2007

    I started playing the first Guitar Hero game at my friend's house over the summer and I instantly fell in love with it, aside from my eyes being wavy after the end of each song. Embarassingly enough, I went to his house pretty much everyday just to play the game. A lot of us would play during the day, go out at night and at the end of the night, we'd go back to play again. Guys, girls, it didn't matter, we all played. The game is pure genius. It is put together so well and so accurately.

    Naturally, when the second one came out I bought it the day it came out. I was pleased with all the new songs but the thing my friend and I both agreed on was that the although the second one has much better songs and characters, the first one's actual gameplay was much better. The first Guitar Hero had a much better transition from the Medium level to the Hard level. It slowly allowed the player to smoothly work his or her way into each level. The second Guitar Hero, however, seemed to kind of jump more and take a larger leap from level to level. Overall, however, I loved Guitar Hero II just as much because of the newer songs they used and if I had to give it a rating I'd say 4.5 / 5.


    Other than missing a second entry this first one was good. I would like to see you expand on the individual experince and the group experience more. Try talking about how the controller is radically different than antyhing else for any other game. Also it would be good to expand on the gameplay and what it is like playing the game, try to give a short summary of the game so someone who hasn't played it can understand. My summary for guitar hero "like Dance Dance Revolution, but with a guitar." not exactly what the game is about, but close enough and all that is needed just to give an example. Keep up the good work. (on a personal note, so don't read it if you don't want to, Guitar Hero 1 rocked the house. I felt it had much better songs, I mean you can't beat "bark at the moon" and also I thought the purchased songs were better and had more variety, I do love "Thunderhorse" though. Although "killer Queen" from the first one is my favorite overall. My favorite part of GH2 is the ability to play the same exact song head to head, none of this half notes crap so I am pretty deadlocked over the two. Sorry if I overstepped my bounds of the TA, just had to get that out. *Ahem*. Good entry.)

    Tuesday 16 January, 2007 by EmperorNate
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