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    Skwalin's GameLog for Halo 2 (XBX)

    Friday 12 January, 2007

    I found myself getting extremely mad at the other players in one of the match-ups this night. It felt like every time I died, it was because I had just come from a duel and someone just walked in on my with my shields down or I was killed as I spawned. In reflection, I found getting pissed at my opponents was a very dumb thing to do. I mean, it was partly my fault for getting so hurt in the last battle and not looking around to assure safe surroundings to recharge. I still feel it was a pretty [insert insulting word here] thing to do. But, then again, it was exactly what I would have done in the same position.
    I am a firm believer of taking every advantage a game has to offer as long as the other players have the chance to use the same advantages themselves (i.e. No Cheating/Hacking). I have no moral issues with using the Shotgun and Sword and other "power weapons" because I know that the game is still balanced enough that I may and will still die. Hell, I'll even through a grenade into a battle two people are fighting to get a double kill, because I know they would do the same if it were me.
    It is a sign of excellent game design where there is such great balance that using specific weapon or hiding in a certain spot is considered "cheap". Sure people may not like fighting against certain weapons, but there is always a counter attack. I really think that Halo 2 is some of the most balanced multiplayer action there is. (p.s. This is the second time I wrote this entry. My first was deleted by Notepad. In the first "draft" I wrote about how it is so balance that any person, with at least a couple days experience with Halo 2, could kill anyone else, no matter their skill level.)


    i think u just mad cuz u got pwned hardcore

    Friday 12 January, 2007 by RNinjate

    Hey, I still got second, then I got first on the next level!

    Friday 12 January, 2007 by Skwalin
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