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    Director's GameLog for Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)

    Friday 12 January, 2007

    This is a brand new system and the first game i have played on the Playstation 3. Overall I am very impressed with the High Definition grafix and the quality of the game design. All the weapons have secondary fire modes which has always been a favorite feature for me. The gameplay is very fast paced as apposed to the ducking and covering of "Gears of War" on Xbox 360. I found myself running through levels with multiple enemies and the action never slowed down. Something that I noticed that really interested me, was the details in the design of the enemies. The alien soldiers have a type of gas tank attached to their backs, and there are many hoses linked to this gas tank. If you shoot any one of these hoses, that one specific hose will detach and release gases into the air. I really thought that this detail was very cool and look forward to finding more details like this in the game during future gameplay.


    There are a variety of different enemies in this game, and as I progress through the leveles, I am always suprised with a new weapon. There is great variety in this game in general. The enemy soldiers show great Artificial Intelligence as they duck behind structures and ambush in groups. I am still getting used to the clarity of video games in HD. I am very impressed and this game is really cool of you like first person shooters.

    Friday 12 January, 2007 by Director

    Ill take you down in Gears of War I heard youre pretty weak

    Friday 12 January, 2007 by DanielMoine
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