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    Synthia's GameLog for Rez (DC)

    Sunday 14 January, 2007

    Second Session today lasted 90 minutes during which time I played 10 games. By the tenth game I was able to get through the first 7 or 8 levels fairly quickly but couldn't get passed level ten.

    Still I think it's important to conduct analysis from the perspective of someone who does not score easily.

    There are some really beautiful objects in this game, and they were very distracting - I wanted to look at them rather than destroy them.

    There is little emergent complexity in REZ since gameplay is fixed, however, being distracted by the beauty of the graphic art may have contributed to the overall experience in an unusual way.

    The cutscenes were interesting but might have provided more information about upcoming actions.

    I would enjoy this game more if I could fly around more, and interact with the objects rather than destroying them. Also, the sound elements were not all that engaging and might be more interesting if there were more variety.

    The vibration pulses with the music and is also synchronized to getting hit. It is a little distracting with all of the other stuff going on and I prefer having it switched off.


    Funny that you find the pulsing distracting! I find it helps me concentrate more since it pulses with the music. :-)

    Your entry reminded me that I really need to get back to this game and finish the "final" (secret) level... hmmmm!

    Friday 13 April, 2007 by jp
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