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    Bjango's GameLog for We Love Katamari (PS2)

    Friday 9 February, 2007

    Most of the things that I liked about KD1 were kept in this game, like the present and cousin searching within each level. (I also like how they have the kids from KD1’s cutscenes in some of the levels for you to pick up!) Not only did they keep the present/cousin feature though, they improved on it! The prince can now wear two presents at a time, one on his upper body and one on his lower. I was also reading in the booklet that came with the game that once you get the camera present, you can take pictures within the game. I haven’t tried this yet of course, but it sounds pretty amusing and intriguing. As opposed to the first game, in KD2 when you catch a cousin, you have the option of then playing through levels as them. I really like this aspect of the game, just because I really really like the cousins and their crazy designs (especially Ichigo.)

    Another thing that was improved on in the game was the music. I really liked the music in the first game, but so far, I’m liking KD2’s music even more. The music’s more diverse, and playful. I also really like the fact that before each level, the player has the choice of choosing which song they’d like to accompany the level.

    My only real complaint about the game is that the story line is a little weak. Basically, the point of the game so far is to appease the fans of KD1 who want you to do menial favors for them. There seems to be no real end goal that the player works towards. In the first game, the prince had to rebuild the galaxy, but in KD2, there’s nothing much for him to do, really. Other than that though, I think the game stands up pretty well so far, especially as a sequel. I look forward to playing out all its awesomeness to the end.


    What's the deal with the cousins? I played KD1....and it seems like I missed out of an important part of the experience!?!?!

    Friday 16 March, 2007 by jp
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