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    jp's GameLog for Brain Age:Train your Brain in Minutes a Day! (DS)

    Monday 9 April, 2007

    I've now trained my brain on 20 different days. This means that I've unlocked all the training things you can do. The last one was really lame because it's basically the same as the first two (simple arithmetic) but you have to speak instead of write. Pfff...

    What's strange about this is that I'm so nonplussed about it. I remember distinctly thinking how much better it would be if I could say the answers instead of having to write them, but then when I say them I don't think it works as smoothly as I had imagined it should.

    Basically, it's a problem with false positives...or false negatives. Or something like that. The character recognition isn't great in the writing, however you have a little bit of time to "realize" that it's making a mistake and correct it. In the audio version I felt no such chance. When it screws up, you're done for. Also, I found myself speaking more slowly and waiting between questions...which is a bad idea when you're supposed to plow through the questions as fast as possible. For me, the voice recognition component made me slow myself down.

    (the Sudoku is still great fun though! My wife is really getting a kick from it...even going so far as to see how much a DS goes for on ebay)


    I remember my family used to play this a lot. My little brother and my mother especially would challenge each other or crack jokes about their brain ages. Even though I was personally frustrated with the game, I had much fun! (that colored text mini game was a killer)

    Monday 2 July, 2012 by MJumbo
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