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    jp's GameLog for Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies (PS2)

    Saturday 28 April, 2007

    I've just finished the 13 mission and I've been treated to a few more cut-scenes. I've really been enjoying them as they add quite a bit to the overall mood of the game. The cut-scenes are very tranquil and thoughtful, while the missions are pretty high-paced and tense. The contrast pays off.

    Also, and quite to my surprise, the story overlapped with the main game and shocked me. I thought I had the story figured out, but no!

    So...a quick summary...

    Basically there are two major coalitions at war with each other and the cut scenes are narrated by a young man who is reminiscing on the past. When he was a small boy he watched a some fighter jets dogfight. One got shot down. It crashed on top of his house and his parents died. Then the enemies invaded.

    So here's what I thought the story was about:

    (1) Young boys parents die, kid vows revenge on pilot who shot down the plane that crashed... joins the airforce!

    When you play missions, your callsign is "Mobius 1", so I figured that the narrator was Mobius 1.


    (2) Later on the kid befriends a group of (enemy) pilots and hangs out with them. They are a "crack" squad who's ace leader is Yellow 13.

    In a few of the missions, you often run into this squad... They're pretty tough.. but I was still in the dark about what would happen with Yellow 13. My theory that Mobius 1 is the narrator was not quite right...but it didn't all add up.

    In particular, the cut-scenes are narrated in the past, and obviously the missions are occurring in "the present". However, suddenly I heard the following:
    "Reports of the Stonehenge (the Cannon) air raid came in." It also talked about Yellow 4 (13's wingman) flying with a damaged plane...

    The following mission was called "The Stonehenge Offensive"... At the end of this mission you shoot down a plane. And the next cut-scene began with..

    Though he lost Four, Thirteen never openly showed his sorrow.

    Oh my god. I killed Yellow 4.

    Through the cut-scenes I've been hearing stories about the pilots on the other side of this war. And I was beginning to care for them... and now I had killed one. And I had celebrated. And I had enjoyed the congratulatory radio chatter.

    It all seemed so pointless now. The enemy I've been fighting doesn't really have a face, but it isn't really "evil" either. They're just planes. It so bloodless and impersonal.

    I killed Yellow 4, and I felt bad.


    Mission 13... Safe Return. I have the song from there as my ringtone.

    Sunday 29 April, 2007 by Sol


    I guess you also felt the same way I did?

    Monday 30 April, 2007 by jp
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