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    galatasaraygirl's GameLog for Halo 3 (360)

    Sunday 13 January, 2008

    In Halo 3, the object of the first-person shooter game is to defeat the aliens that are trying to take over the planet. The player is one of the aliens who switched over to the good side because he realized that they were being misled . The game consists mostly of shooting aliens and trying not to get killed.
    Halo 3 being the first first-person shooting game I’ve ever played, I would have to say it was quite difficult to understand. I had heard a lot about Halo, but I regret to say that for my first playing experience with it, I was very disappointed and it did not live up to my expectations of how engaged I would be in the game.
    At first I was very frustrated because the sensitivity of the controller was very high and I would overestimate the movements of my character and end up turning too much. The object of the game was interesting enough, and the storyline was able to keep going throughout the period that I played. The characters in the game were visually complete and the interactions between my character and the other ones in the game were enhanced with the quality graphics.
    The game was fun to play, but I think if I reconfigured the controller commands I would be able to better control my actions. The social interactions during the game were quite interesting as well: I played using the Xbox 360 Live feature, so I was able to play with my friend from Southern California. It was the first time I had used a video game to have live interactions while playing the game, which was a bonus. I also had bystanders while playing, and it was helpful because they were just as engaged in the game as I was.
    I am sure that my second encounter with Halo 3 will be much better than the first, because now I know what to expect, but I don’t think that I could spend all day playing a game like this because all it is, is just point and shoot.


    It's not "just point and shoot." It's a cornucopia of coolness. Although not on par with Call of Duty 4, it still deserves some play time.

    Speaking of cornucopias, let's go to dinner.

    Sunday 13 January, 2008 by SwordFish
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