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    ESchmitt89's GameLog for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)

    Sunday 13 January, 2008


    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter that takes place in modern day as the title suggests. The game is incredibly realistic both in gameplay and visuals. It features a single player campaign along with a stellar online multiplayer mode with game types including free-for-all, team deathmatch, along with many other variants.


    The first thing the player will notice when they sit down to play Call of Duty 4 is how realistic the game looks. The characters, environments, special effects (dust, fire, smoke, etc.), lighting, and movements are all incredibly detailed and will make you sit back in your chair and say "Whoa!". Sometimes I consider this game more of a "movie that I control" rather than a video game simply because it looks so good. I know that I sometimes will sit in one place in-game gazing in awe at the graphics and will get killed because my character is standing out in the open.
    This brings up another interesting aspect of the game, which is the concept of cover. Cover can include hiding behind walls, fences, in buildings, etc. This is not your typical FPS where players are running and jumping around a level shooting rockets and driving hover-cars into each other. In COD4 cover is your best friend, and any good player will learn to use it early on. The reason cover is so important is because as stated earlier, this game is very realistic, so 1-3 shots with most weapons is enough to kill you. Many times when you are killed the only part of the enemy you can see is the top of their helmet and their weapon poking out of a second story window 100 yards away. In fact, the game is so realistic and that sometimes I run right buy enemy snipers wearing guille-suits laying prone in the tall grass. Many people's first reaction to the game is "I didn't even see the guy that just killed me!?!?" but after some practice you will have other players screaming the same thing.
    Another aspect of this game that separates it from numerous other FPS games is the online ranking system. There are a total of 55 ranks in the game and at each rank you unlock new weapons and character perks, which are used to hand tailor your character to unique gameplay style. This adds a new element to the game and makes playing feel more rewarding. The cool thing about the ranking system is that a rank 1 can kill a rank 55 just fine, after all a gun is a gun whether or not it has a fancy scope or silencer. Basically rank doesn't make your character better, but rather makes your character better for your particular play style.


    Great Analysis of the game. You have an incredible understanding of not only the game-play, but also an great appreciation of the art/graphics (which of course is what I like most). Can't wait to see the first game YOU develope!
    So proud!!!
    Lyssa :)

    Monday 21 January, 2008 by lyssa
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