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    Significant's GameLog for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)

    Monday 14 January, 2008

    GameLog entry #1


    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a first person shooter set in an contemporary military format with use of modern weapons such as the M4A1 Carbine and the M203 Grenade Launcher. In the single player mode, a player plays as a soldier for both the US or British forces completing different combat mission objectives to ultimately defeat rebel/terrorist forces.


    As I started playing, I felt my adrenaline rising as I took part in intense fire fights with the enemy. I also felt a heightened sense of paranoia as I was on the constant look out for enemies popping out of doors or behind cars. I also noticed that my eye to hand coordination had to be quick and very accurate because enemies would be able to hide behind objects such as cars and sometimes all that would be showing would be a small part of their head.

    I also thought that the game was very realistic and fun. The soundtrack to the game added the suspense of the different situations. The game mode, which is FpS as mentioned above, allowed me to have a front row seat to the action, which made it feel as if I was the actual character taking place in these intense combat missions. What also added to the realistic nature of the game was the AI's ability to react and adapt to some of my choices as I progressed through each mission, for example, the enemy would shift its forces if I attempted to flank or they would take additional cover if I fired upon them. What was also realistic was the fact that the character was only able to carry two primary weapons, as opposed to several in some other fps games. Also, certain cars would blow up if shot at and if I was close enough I would die from the explosion. The pyshics of the game made each combat very realistic.

    GameLog #2


    As I played more I realized that there was more strategy to the game then the simple means of point and shoot. In one scenario, in order to clear a building I couldn't simply run in with guns blazing. In order to enter a room without being harmed I had to utilize my flashbang to stun the enemy before entering which also added to the realistic sense of the game. What I also liked about the game was that in each mission I was accompanied by a squad and a squad leader. The squad leader provided direction and leadership during the mission while the rest provided cover and fire support, just as if I was in a real regiment engaging in battle.

    I think the story was very fluid even though it switched back and forth from British and US forces. After ending a particular mission as a British soldier I would go to another part of the world to complete a mission as a US soldier, but it felt like the story was never interrupted and the flow of the game seemed to be continuous. I think the mission briefings were very detailed and informative, which attributed to the fluidity of the game.


    First off I think the game engine is very good. For example, the game is able to distinguish different surface depths of certain objects such as cars or walls, so that when I fire upon them, the bullets may or may not pass through. It also distinguishes between different types of guns used and because each gun has different firing power, some guns would pierce walls better than others.

    I think another important aspect about the game that makes it fun and interesting is the many options and levels of interaction that a player has with the game. For example, I haven't counted, but there are at least more than 5 different weapons to use such as RPGS(Rocket Propelled Grenades), heat seeking rocket launchers, or even a combat knife. Also in each mission, though there is only one way to complete the mission objective, there are numerous paths you may take to get to the mission objective. The dynamics of the game are also well implemented, for example, after dying in a particular mission I would try a different route or do things differently and because the AI reacts effectively I ultimately got a different challenge every time.

    As I played more, I found that the different levels I played were very distinct and somewhat unique compared to previous missions. For example, in one mission I played a sniper who was in charge of assassinating a target. In another mission I was aboard a plane miles above the ground using infrared radar to shoot enemy targets. In other levels I was required to use night vision goggles and silencers. All these different types of levels added to the overall experience that I received because I was not restricted to a certain type of combat mode, but to several, which made the game very fun and interesting.


    This is fine for a Gamelog, perfectly acceptable. Good job. One thing I would like to note is that we'd like it if you had two seperate entries, not one big one. Please remember that for next time.

    Amy Leek (grader)

    Tuesday 22 January, 2008 by MarsDragon
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