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    Dantex1's GameLog for Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Monday 14 January, 2008

    As I began playing the game know as Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, I start of as a little boy that dint fit in, with the rest of the town because he had no fairy. As the game begins the Deku tree is attacked and sends a fairy to help and send the boy know as link to combat the evil that is destroying the tree. That evil is later know as Gannondorf, as I get out of the characters house I see lots of other characters that I can interact with so I start talking to all of them. I continue on until a boy does not let me pass saying I have to have a shield and sword, so I look around and I buy a shield. As I venture on I find a sword. I go back to the boy and he finally allows me trough. I get to the Deku tree and tells me that he was cursed and that I had to help him. After killing some plant I go inside the tree. As I enter I notice a web on the ground I wonder what it’s for but I look up and I see that I have to jump and break this web. I continued upward but find I can go no higher due to spiders on the wall, as they don’t let me crawl up. So I continue on the lower ground were I discover a room and I enter and find a new weapon called a slingshot.
    I got exited and started killing every spider as I learned about my new weapon, and I realize that I can kill the spiders to allow me to go up the wall. I finally reach the top were I jump and break the web. I fall into a room with a door that I cannot get across to so I look and find that I can burn the web so I try to burn the web but the water would turn of my fire so after a while I finally find a path that I can walk trough to burn the web.
    I run into the room after a couple of rooms I come out the other side and find that I can move the block down, so I drop it down and find that I have to burn the web too. As I remember the path I had used before with those 5 minutes of trying to get the fire to the web, I burn the web and fall into another puddle of water. In this room I get attacked by 3 brothers who I can’t kill because they continue to resuscitated and before I found a 4rth brother that told me some numbers but I dint really pay attention. So I figured this must be a puzzle as well, I try attacking them in different orders for about 15 minutes and I finally found the order that I was suppose to kill them. The final door unlocks and i am able to get into the room were the boss is waiting. I had to find that I had to kill the boss using my new slingshot and slashing him when he was on the ground. I finally killed the boss and was exited, as I killed my first boss. They tree died anyway, I continued on and found that I can leave the town now and was suppose to find the castle. I walked around the town till I finally hit the castle were I was suppose to hide from guards and find my way to the princess.
    My emotional state while I was playing Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was at first wonder as I walked around and learned and explored the map. I walked around learning most of the map and searching for hidden treasures or anything that would help in my quests. As I continued to fight my first boss I felt frustration of not knowing how to destroy the enemy, but soon turned to happiness as I defeated my first boss.
    My thought on the character was he is really skilled and destined to save his entire world trough hard challenges. He was just a little boy who finally got a fairy but had to save his own little hometown were he was living. He slowly started to unfold his destiny, to save the princes Zelda from the evil Gannondorf. Link looks really cool as he attacks with the sword, and do back flips and dive.
    The story so far is that link was alone and he had been placed and raised as a Koirin but he is actually from some were else he was found and was destined to save the tree that was attacked by evil. The story is really amazing because it shows how this boy who dint fit was actually the one to save the world and to save everyone. He meets lots of people from different part of the world and helps destroy the evil inflicted on the land.
    The game was loads of fun because I was going around levels destroying spiders and monsters and the boss, as I venture to destroy and fight against the evil Gannon. I liked going room trough room discovering secretes and finding new weapons to destroy evil.
    The game was very interesting as the story develops and find out that link is the opposing force to evil. Kind of like the Ying and the yang type of thing. The story is that of a little boy named link who did not know were he come from and did not know who his parent were so and he later found that he had to save the world as he was destined to.
    The experience was great because u had to think and solve puzzles and look for hidden keys. Their was always something new around the corner to prepare you for your fight the boss.


    This game is far the most funnest game I've played in a while. Your comments and insights about the game is great and all, but I would like to see a more organized set of entries in the future. As a tip for future reference, use a format similar to this (below) for example:

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beginning of Game log<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Game log entry #1:


    blah....blah....some more blahs......

    Gameplay #1

    I began playing this game not knowing what to expect..........

    Gamelog entry #2:

    Gameplay #2

    blah blah........ blah...


    blah blah.........and more blah

    >>>>>>>>>>>>End of game log<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    This will help the grader/reader better see what you are writing about.

    P.S. Put spaces between paragraphs

    But overall good job. Keep up the good work.

    -Theodore R. (Grader)

    Saturday 19 January, 2008 by DragoTJ
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