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    dj bleezy's GameLog for Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GC)

    Tuesday 15 January, 2008

    Game Play
    The more I play this game the easier it is to catch on and beat other people who have played for a long time. I have learned how to shoot weapons backwards and switch players on the cart so you can collect more weapons. Drifting around corners and boosting helps you stay with the players in the front. The game gets more competitive now that every one who is playing knows how to play. There seems to be a lot of last minute wins. People who are in 3rd and get a good weapon right before the end have a good chance of winning.
    I like playing this game but too many people play it too much. It is good in quantities but there is no puzzle or moving ahead in the game so each little race you start with a clean slate. In the end it gets a little tedious and being a person who cant play a lot of video games I get tired.

    The ability to change your characters, weapons, carts, and courses makes this game well designed. You can spend hours playing because there are so many different combinations of play. When you are in last place the weapons that you get when picking up boxes are much better. This makes it fun because it is not impossible to catch up to people if you are behind on the last lap. The people in the from of the pack get weapons that don’t do as much damage like a banana that people could slip on.
    Finding out about the short cuts made the game more tricky. You can use boosts to go through them or find some short cuts that have a hidden double box. Each level has its own short cuts but finding them is the hard part. I had people who knew where they were so after watching a couple games I caught on. The design of the game was good for many people to play together and variety of options makes the game fun for long periods of time.


    Good job. Though it wouldn't hurt to get a little more in depth on both your Game play and Design sections.
    -Chris Ward (Grader)

    Thursday 17 January, 2008 by fuzzyLombax
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