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    CurtisGordon's GameLog for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC)

    Thursday 24 January, 2008


    I have played COD4mw and am much more experienced with a few hours under my belt. I quickly learned many tricks online like stagger, don’t spray and the appreciation of grenade launcher. Now that I am more familiar with the game a can apresate the game a lot more.
    Now that I learned not to stand in the open and shoot so that helecopters cannot constantly mo me I definably notice the game flows really smoothly. When you run your sceen shakes like when you run in real life. You can srint, dive, prone, jump alone with basic fps movements. I really like this game overall and sadly I’m addicted to another game.
    Game Design
    The Game space is designed to look like it goes on for infinity but actually the level is very closed off and limited space where you the player can go. There are barriers all over every level: walls cars, tanks and buildings. The game space is every effectively placed all over the map and the very detailed landscape and scenery makes the game space feel infinite.

    The games reward structure is set up very effectively because it draws you in the more kill you get the higher rank you get and the more weapons and gadgets you unlock to use to kill more people and get more weapons ect… this makes all the players play hard to get those points to get as many unlocks as possible. This makes for the best multiplayer fps reward system.


    Nice gamelog.

    - Ian (your catching-missed-gamelog-grades TA)

    Thursday 20 March, 2008 by inio
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