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    neo31003(eddie)'s GameLog for Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    Friday 25 January, 2008

    Gamelog: Classics List: #2
    Once i figured out the control scheme it became a lot easier to not only kill the Colossi but to locate them as well. The creepy feeling I got my first time around hasn't faded one bit. As they slowly reveal themselves still sent some chills down my spine. Its exciting to watch something so huge walk toward you and then what makes the experience all the more fun is climbing up the Colossi. The climb itself feels like an epic battle. I remember struggling alot with the grip meter. Later the struggle is more about figuring out their weaknesses. The other thing that makes the game play so fluid and extreme is that you feel each blow you give theses beasts to their weak points. After each stab they start to scream and shout and they start trying to shake you off and you feel like your really causing them pain. The basic control system I think allows for such an experience to occur. If the controls were more complex then you'd be more concerned with the controls and not the task at hand. Oh also riding the horse is a plus. Agro the horse you ride becomes your best friend in the game because the landscapes are so vast and endless walking would be a pain. The riding controls were rather simple and not worth explaining. But the horse was also useful in some of the Colossi battles and thats why mastering the horse was key to some battles. Plus in this empty vast world you tend to get lonely so this horse is a great friend to have tag along. I didn't learn much from my first gamelog because there isn't much to learn with all the simplicity. I did get better at mounting aiming the bow and over all climbing on these huge Colossi.

    I think the design in this game was very thought out. The vast and seemingly endless terrain makes you feel isolated and creates a bond with Agro or at least for me it did. Also since you don't fight tons of enemies if any out side of the Colossi causes the player to value every fight he or she has with the Colossi. To me it basically intensifies each fight and you seem to look forward to each up coming battle since you don't really fight anything else. For me I felt that each fight was hard earned and that the isolation made me value each Colossi. I was like in my mind " I wont be finding another one for awhile, I'd better fuck him up". It in a sense motivated me to play or fight harder. The cut scenes were beautiful and the plot was interesting. At times after being told the hints and sent off time after time I really felt like killing that voice that keeps bossing me around. The repetitive cycle of returning to the temple and taking off right after the cut scene started to piss me off. It only made me feel sorry for the Colossi who were going to get OWNED! The level design was genius because its so large and empty it creates a psychological state of mind for the player I felt. You don't see anything so when you encounter theses massive Colossi your speechless. I think the design of the way the Colossi respond to attacks was cool because it felt like the beast really felt your blade and the shock movement that the control gives the player made the experience all the better. The focus of the game wasn't the control scheme but more of the experience between the player or young warrior and the Colossi and I have to say they were quite successful. The only thing lacking in this game which is why it got a 4 instead of a 5 is the lack of replay value. Once you beat it there isn't much more to do. Other then that its a beautiful game with stunning graphics for the PS2 and the audio was great as well.


    Very well done gamelog. Keep up the good work!

    ~Sheena Marquez (TA)

    Wednesday 30 January, 2008 by SheenaMarquez
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