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    LeadAndIron's GameLog for Chrono Trigger (SNES)

    Friday 25 January, 2008


    After playing two hours of Chrono Trigger I came to the solid conclusion that this game was so good that even some recent, high-end graphics games couldn't compare to it. The game made me very attached to the characters, totally immersing me into the game environment, as if I were reading an interesting book and I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter. The story is filled with interesting twists and discoveries. You meet new characters that join your party and some leave your party along the way. (so don't equip them with your good stuff, cause they jack it when they leave)

    As my characters level up, become stronger, and obtain new techniques, there is a further development in the characters through the combo techniques. These are attacks performed by two or more party members simultaneously to deal more damage than the characters would separately. This aspect of the game allows the player to develop certain connections to certain combos he/she likes or dislikes, pairing up certain characters together. Chrono Trigger in a sense, causes the players to make their own character development, extending the game play.

    As an RPG, Chrono Trigger allows the player to select up to three different characters with which to use in a battle. This lets the player selectively choose certain characters to use more and some to use less, developing attachments to some and less to others.


    Chrono Trigger is a very interesting game that continually keeps the player preoccupied with new developments and surprises that the present themselves in unique fashions. There are experience points with which one gains levels and new spells, and techniques. there are new combos along with the new spells and new characters, and new items, equipment. And development in the story every now an then, to keep the player intrigued.

    Even though the game is purely fiction, it holds realistic aspects in it that many video games of its genre do not. There is drama in the story and that drama allows the player to develop a sense of history behind each of the characters. At one point of the game you meet up with a great wizard named Magus, and you can attempt to either befriend him, in which case he joins your team, or you can defeat him. By that point of the game, you have certain characters already in your party and one of them was turned into a frog man by the wizard, and he holds a certain grudge against Magus. If the player chooses to defeat the wizard there is a sense of retribution accomplished, but if the player befriends the wizard, the plot eventually develops and the mage and frog learn to trust one another.

    The most noticeable "bad" elements of the game are the confusing destinations. There were some times when I was playing and I got stuck. I didn't know where to go next so I just wandered around the map. Sometimes, the player has to read carefully everything that occurs in the dialogue, because they may give hints to your next destination to continue the story.

    This game was good and it deserves a gold medal for goodness.


    "This is exactly what we're looking for, great work." You hit main key points of what we want to see in your game logs! Just keep at it!

    -Theodore Reid (Grader)

    Sunday 27 January, 2008 by DragoTJ
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