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    aKiller's GameLog for Shadow of the Colossus (PS2)

    Saturday 26 January, 2008

    Entry #2


    As I progressed more in the game, I could not help but feel disturbed by two things. One, the fact that these Colossi fell in such an immersively sad manner still made it feel wrong that they were being killed for the sould of the girl. Two, the black string of aura that comes out of the Colossi and stabs you after you take them down still makes no sense other than returning to the main palace area.


    As I have mentioned, my feelings were mixed between the epic feel of the game at a whole, and the sadness of the death of each Colossi. With no new characters, the story seems to stay the same. My compassion for the character Wander deminished as the game progressed. Although the rising challenges involving how to take down the Colossi make the game deeply interesting.

    The vast open areas of the game along with the style of the graphics give an expansive artistic feel to the story. Although the story itself does seem to lack some, well, story telling, the game stays deeply entertaining. The way the environment, the patience you must have, and the puzzles you must solve convey a great feeling for the game as a whole.

    This leads to the style in which the game uses. The style of having the Collosi have part of the environment be part of the Colissi themselves creates the challenge of identifying what areas to target. The space blends with the Colissi taking great advantage of the abilities the player learned to do from the environment. Although that would be one of the small changes that I would make to the game: add more challenges other than the Colossi. While it is part of the style of the game to just have those few elements to it, adding some extra challenges to the overall environment would open up the game to a wider variety of players.

    While this game is great, specially if a cinematic feel in video games is appreciated, it still is not very inviting to a wide variety of players. It is amazing to play it with friends adding to the extactic feeling of defeating a Colossus, but it does not create a complete social experience. Shadow of the Colussus does ramain an amazing game that will satisfy the player seeking to finish it, which is what I plan to do


    Your game play sections are wonderfully written but you forgot your Design Section in your second entry.
    -Chris Ward (Grader)

    Sunday 27 January, 2008 by fuzzyLombax
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