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    jp's GameLog for Metroid: Zero Mission (GBA)

    Tuesday 8 March, 2005

    I thought I should mention that I'm playing on "normal" (there are two modes, easy and normal). The saved game on the cart that apparently finished the game was played in "easy" mode. I wonder if easy mode is a shorter game? I remember that Monkey Island had an easy mode that effectively skipped over a whole lot of the game (you didn't have to solve a bunch of puzzles). I don't think that that is the case here...but still. I guess I'll have to look at it once I finish the game. ;-)


    I'm pretty sure "easy" just drops the damage done by enemies, their HP, and so on. It doesn't seem to let you skip parts of the game.

    However, there are some parts that are skippable even on "normal". I know for a fact that one boss, which looks like a giant fly or wasp (I don't think that's too much of a spoiler), is completely skippable; the powerup it gives you, which is necessary for continuing the game, can be obtained in an alternate (although somewhat difficult) fashion.

    Have you got to that boss yet?

    Thursday 10 March, 2005 by Sparrow

    Oh, and there's a very big (story-wise) surprise waiting for you at a certain point very near to the end of the game, which explains a lot. Watch for it!

    Thursday 10 March, 2005 by Sparrow

    Oooh! I love surprises.

    I'm not sure if I've got to that boss or not. Some of the bosses are really easy and I think I've forgotten them (or didn't think they were bosses). I'm currently fighting this brain-in-a-jar boss that is actually a lot tougher than all the rest.

    Thursday 10 March, 2005 by jp
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