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    et's GameLog for Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

    Saturday 26 January, 2008

    Log #2
    Fighting one of the many bosses you do in the epic game brings another aspect of the games gameplay that just enriches the game, its challenge. Many games loose their challenge after ones gets accustomed to it. However, with Ocarina of Time its large scale means the challenges must be continual, and they are. Each dungeon is extremely different than the next so there is no one technique in passing each dungeon. The bosses at the end of each dungeon can often times be just as difficult and require new and different ways to be destroyed. Also in a quick horse race, not necessarily part of the main storyline, can be quite challenging.
    In talking about the boss battles, many of these climactic sequences can be extremely cinematic, and exiting. These sequences are very often extremely climatic and make the entire experience of fighting the dungeon boss very enjoyable and fun. Much of the rest of the game is similar, cinematic and cut scenes aside, you can find yourself in a very climactic battle between various enemies or jumping past tremendous obstacles in different dungeons.
    As with the rest of the game, the design is near perfect. As mentioned previously, the kingdom of Hyrule is extremely large and not at all repetitive. One area may be a giant lake while another can be an arid desert. And each level has its own cast of individuals ad enemies so each area is almost like a different game, each with its individual challenges and surprises. There is also an extremely large number of enemies in the entire world, each with a unique attack and different weakness, making the game just a bit more challenging and varied.
    I believe that the open ended aspect of the game is extremely innovative. Although by today there are many games that allow you to explore, for its time Legend of Zelda was extremely ahead of its time. The possibilities of what you could do in the game was endless as opposed to many platform games where you were forced to go as directed. How you react with your world is also innovative, if you want you could pass the game with what you need, but if you choose to do many of the side missions you may be rewarded with stronger weapons, newer spells, etc. so it could be much easier for the player to go through the game.
    Of course there is the reward at the end of the game, the rescue of Zelda. The anticipation one gets throughout the entire game to save the princess, all the blood sweat and tears the player goes through, makes the final boss battle between Ganon all the more personal.


    well done has everything that is needed, but for future refrence can you also divide first entry into summery and gameplay like you devided entry two.

    Alon Chanukov(grader)

    Sunday 27 January, 2008 by chanukov
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